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The Aurochs Farms Delta 8 vape cartridge is everything you could ask for in vaping. We search the globe for the finest hardware we can find and then load our Delta 8 vape cartridge with an array of terpene-infused extract making the choice to use Aurochs Farms Delta 8 Vape Cartridge about just that; flavor, selection, and options that many other Delta 8 vape cartridge brands don’t focus on. But we make our product as much for us as we make it for you and thus, we make our Delta 8 Vape Cartridge just the way connoisseurs like us like it also!

Any Delta 8 THC vape cartridge on the Aurochs Farms site is sure to provide a smooth, enjoyable vaping experience. An Aurochs Farms Delta 8 THC vape cartridge also sits atop an extra-strength powered battery, because how many times has your Delta 8 THC vape cartridge burned out before the oil was all consumed? We hate that too and thus we search for great hardware to allow you to fully enjoy the Aurochs farms Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge: all of it!

We’ve often found as we’ve gone scouring the world for great hardware that vendors who make top-of-the-line CBD vape cartridges (like LifesourceCBD) also use the kind of hardware that works well with our oils. In fact, some CBD vape cartridges today are really good at handling thicker oils like ours and so CBD vape cartridges serve us and thus you, well in our quest for the perfect vaping experience. In fact, if you are interested in CBD vape cartridges, go over to our friends at www.LifesourceCBD.net and get 25% Off your first two CBD vape cartridges purchase when you join their mailing list. That’s a nice savings on CBD vape cartridges and you’ll confirm what we say here; vendors like LifesourceCBD who make CBD vape cartridges are the perfect partners to emulate.

Many customers who buy CBD vape cartridges also enjoy Aurochs Farms Vape cartridges. In fact, many of those same customers who buy CBD vape cartridges will also consume our Delta 8 vapes once they give them a try! In fact, many customers now combine CBD vape cartridges and delta 8 gummies, giving the CBD vape cartridges some nice extras.

You’re getting closer to being In The Know!

And while vaping might seem like a new phenomenon or even a passing fad (we’re past that stage now), it’s storied history actually dates to ancient times, where the first historical record of hemp vaping usage can be found in the first known historical work, The Histories by Herodotus, a well-known and respected Greek Writer. His work, first published in 430 BC, talks of the vaping experience of the Scythians, an ancient nomadic people, who were based in Egypt. They would ‘vape’ by putting hemp seeds on super-hot stones until there were vapors that they inhaled and thus were “vaporized.” And while the exact reason for the vaping was unknown, the Scythians allegedly would ‘shout and jump for joy’ while experiencing the effects.

And while this method of vaporizing feels quite different that what we now of today, the basics are all the same. Raw plant matter like hemp seeds are heated to a high temperature, but not to combustion, so that they release vapors. Voila!

And cannabis enthusiasts began using such devices back in the early 20th Century when the mechanical butane ignition vaporizer was invented by Joseph Robinson. This is the earliest documented known form of a vaporizer in the U.S., which the Patent and Trademark Office published in 1927. But it was a scrap metal dealer, Herbert Gilbert, a Korean War Vet, who patented ‘The Smokeless’, what we basically know of as the vaporizer today. Gilbert’s invention involved a liquid, warmed by a battery-powered piece of hardware, which created a vapor for the user to inhale.  This invention is often referred to as the first E-cigarette, today’s inventors often citing this patent.

High Times, a U.S. based cannabis enthusiast magazine, in 1989 published an article titled Dr. Lunglife (https://archive.hightimes.com/article/1989/12/1/dr-lunglife-invents-a-better-vaporizer), which easily detailed the method for modifying easily obtained hardware into a vaporizer, as well as a guide to making highly potent cannabis concentrate to use with it. The vaping process consisted of brushing the oil onto a lightbulb thread, also known as the heating element. In 1993, Eagle Bill, a Native American medicine man, invented the ‘Shake & Vape’, the first known, publicly available vape product. The ‘Shake & Vape’ is a smallish glass pipe with a chamber at one end into which the plant matter is inserted. Then a powerful lighter or butane torch would heat the bottom of the chamber until vapor is released just prior to combustion and then inhaled through the pipe. Its’ popularity grew worldwide when Eagle Bill attended the 7th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam the following year. People were blown away and his vaporizer became the events most popular exhibit; for the next 10 years! Obviously, the cannabis community began to embrace vaping!

Being In The Know is just around the corner!

Obviously, we’ve come a long way to what we know today as Aurochs Farms Pure Delta 8 THC vape cartridges, as there have been multiple advancements and inventions in the field of vaping. Everyone probably is familiar with ‘The Volcano’, a table top vaporizer invented in 1996 by Markus Storz, a German Inventor, which was patented in 1999 and brough into the U.S. market in 2003. Most people know what you mean when you say the device with giant turkey basting bag on it!

The device was popular for its ability to deliver powerful vapors form dry herb plant matter, although it cost hundreds of dollars. But next on the road to Aurochs Farms Vapes came the invention of cannabis oil processing, which basically filters out the solid material leaving just concentrated oil which could then be mixed with terpenes. As medical cannabis legalization began to take hold, the popularity of these devices skyrocketed.

And where we are today, with the Vape pen; it was first invented around 2003 in China by a pharmacist named Hon Lik. His device included a battery to drive the heating element and a cartridge that contained the concentrate. Instant success, inspiring the wave of new and improved hardware devices that we seek to find for our Aurochs Farms Delta 8 THC vape cartridges.

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And there you have it, how we got you from there to here, so go ahead and try some Auorch Farms Delta 8 THC vape cartridges today.

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