Are You In The KnΔw?

Our team at Aurochs Farms not only has extensive experience in farming/growing, processing and packaging, but our team has dozens of years’ experience in brick and mortar retail store management, online e-commerce store design/oversight and especially, customer experience (CX). Thus, we think you’ll find, we strive to make the shop at, fun, great looking, informative, and easy to navigate, so you receive your products as ordered without haste. It’s just like the place we would like to shop at! Or that we’d recommend to our own friends and family to go to shop!

At Aurochs Farms, we’re constantly striving to improve and to have our delta 8 online shop set up just as we would our delta 8 thc shop in a brick and mortar setting, so that when you venture onto the delta 8 shop at, everything should be relatively easy to find and thus guide you to an easy checkout from our delta 8 shop cart, quick shipping and delivery to you at your home.

Now, you are in the KnΔw!

Delta 8 thc bulk supplies may be found in the wholesale ordering section of our delta 8 online shop, with your special retailer code provided by one of our account executives at Aurochs Farms (please contact us if you are a retailer that would like to carry the Aurochs Farms delta 8 thc shop line of products).

Whether you are searching for our delicious gummies, our delectable sippers, our well-supplied hardware vape products, or any of the other multitude of Aurochs Farms products, our Delta 8 THC shop is the place to find, order and receive, right on your doorstep for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

And remember, Delta 8, Delta 9 & Delta 10 all convert to Delta 11 in your liver when you consume them by edibles/beverages, pills, etc… so the overall effect is exactly the same. Thus, save your money and don’t buy expensive edibles, gummies, beverages and other such in-the-mouth delivery products when our Delta 8 products cost less, achieve the same effect and let you keep some of that hard-earned money. Now You Are In The KnΔw!

We believe in doing things a little bit old school; hand packing your order so we can double check to make sure everything is alright, saying thank you for your business which we so appreciate and being there to actually talk to you if you encounter any issues that you would like us to resolve to improve your Aurochs Farms experience (we don’t want you to experience the same customer service frustrations we all experience when something needs to be corrected. We will ALWAYS be there to email and/or converse with you when the need arises). We also throw in extras and do things like provide you samples of other products so that you can experience the full range of Aurochs Farms hemp-derived Delta 8 THC line.

So why are you still going to the dispensary? It’s so expensive, the quality is suspect, the inventory is inconsistent, and you never can find the same individual products or THC bulk supplies you enjoy consistently. Plus, you must go to them! With Aurochs Farms, you’ll save money to experience the same effects, we can always refill your order on things you love, and we deliver it to you, saving you more money on gas as well as wear and tear on your automobile. The Delta 8 THC shop at can fill all your THC needs, quickly, efficiently and with FREE shipping on orders over $79!

If you love what you are seeing and experiencing with our Aurochs Farms Delta 8 THC shop, please let us know as we love testimonials and would love to feature you on our website and further highlight the things that you like about Aurochs Farms products. We take great pleasure in highlighting your customer experience (CX) as well as what you might share with other like-minded users who are looking for similar results.

We are also able to offer you personalized suggestion in our delta 8 online shop and can even do so via email or phone if that is what will help make your customer experience with us that much smoother and more carefree or if you are new to Delta 8 and some advice that you can’t find elsewhere on the shopping website.

Also, our Delta 8 THC online store offers regular private discounts to our repeat customers so make sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page so that you don’t miss out on great savings, specials, limited edition products, etc…. It’s a lot of fun to celebrate throughout the year with Aurochs Farms hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products. So, make sure to sign up, include our email address in your address book so that you receive our emails (check your spam folder) and learn and save.

Also don’t forget about, our regular blog posts, which are also a great way to help stay up to date with things going on at Aurochs Farms, in the Delta 8 consumer-packaged goods industry and with additional education, all for the purpose of assisting you in making the wisest, most educated, and cost-effective selections for your Aurochs Farms delta 8 THC products.

It all adds up to this; our passion for what we do at Aurochs Farms to bring to market the finest products in its category, combined with you, the customer’s desire for a fun, smooth, consistent shopping customer experience (CX). We are truly in this together, so thank you, from the bottom of our fields, factories, shipping vehicles, technology, and truly dedicated people! We hope you enjoy our products which begin up in the sky, with the beautiful sunshine that makes our hemp fields swoon!