Delta 8 Infused Hemp Pre Roll 1 Gram
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Are You In The KnΔW?

These are not like the ones that you grind and roll on your own. These are definitely not like the ones found at your local dispensary (sometimes it seems like shredded cheese; ‘did they shred that or pick it up off of the floor?’).

So no, the smokeable hemp from Aurochs Farms is just not like the other ones. Like everything else we do at Aurochs Farms, we first consider what would we do for ourselves, our family, our friends and go forward accordingly. Why? Because that usually leads us to places like having high-end, top-quality delta-8 infused Aeroponically Grown hemp CBD joints, not the scraps it seems like places ‘recycle’ into something with paper around it that you can’t see.

At Aurochs Farms, CBD joints should have high-end flower. Just because paper is wrapped around your CBD joints, does not mean that what can’t be seen should be scraps.

And, at Auorchs Farms, we control our smokeable hemp from seed to sale. We grow it aeroponically indoors. We harvest it. We process it. We package it. And we ship it directly to you.

Oh, what is Aeroponics you ask and what does it have to do with hemp and our pre-packaged CBD joints? Well, keep reading and learn about the real future of farming, how it grows quality crops better than soil and hydro foam and how it all impacts what you smoke in our Aurochs Farms Aeroponically grown delta 8 infused hemp flower CBD joints.

Aeroponics is a no-medium (dirt, hydro foam, etc….), efficient method of farming that is the wave of the future. Less labor, easier to control, resistant to environmental changes, aeroponics is a grow system where the roots of the plant are suspended in air as opposed to being buried in dirt or in foam. This allows the aeroponics control system to feed the roots of the plants nutrients as they require rather than on a schedule. A super micro mist of reverse osmosis water and nutrients provide the plant with an on-demand reservoir of water and nutrients, which results in larger, more potent yields.

It feels like you are beginning to be more In The Know!

Aeroponics farming also results in easier labor loads, as grow mediums are not having to be replaced or tilled as is the case with dirt; pounds and pounds of environmentally unfriendly foam which needs to regularly be replaced and/or replenished (not exactly environmentally friendly). Thus, the physical load on labor force is reduced.

Because of the nature of aeroponics farming, another beneficial result are more fully flushed plants, devoid of residuals better left behind at the end of the grow process. This results in better tasting and/or better burning plant matter, depending upon your method of consumption.

Another benefit of these fully flushed plants, is that when consumed via combustion, you get a clean smoking experience with completely spent, beautiful gray ash at the end, signaling that no residuals are present in the combusted plant matter, is it should be. Let’s say that again to be clear; well-flushed plant matter burns a very gray, almost bright gray ash with no dark matter colors left in it. This is what signals fully-flushed, well-grown smokeable plant matter whether in CBD pre-rolls or flower or vape oils.

Oh, someone is definitely In The Know now!

Aurochs Farms, by license with AerosourceH, uses their proprietary aeroponics grow tables and grow system; the most technically advanced on the market and only in used by a few select licensed clients, including Aurochs Farms.

On these indoor tables, Farmer Auorchs and his team grow the finest indoor, aeroponic hemp flower found in the land. Plants not subject to the rigors of outdoor climate changes and totally at the farmer and his team’s fingertips to control the quality of the hemp flower that is a result of these growing efforts.

It looks better than outdoor farmed plant matter. It smells better. And it not only combusts better, but it also tastes better than outdoor farmed plant matter.

Then, under the same high-quality control standards used for all our Aurochs Farms products, we take the cropped, dried hemp plants and infuse them with Delta 8 THC Products that we have processed ourselves, in our own facility. We do this so we may control the entire process from seed to sale and provide you with the best smokeable Delta 8 THC hemp experience you can find.

Thus, whether you order Farmer Auorchs delta 8 THC-infused hemp in flower form, in Delta 8 / CBD pre-Rolls or in vape bundle form, you are guaranteed a wonderful smoking experience.

Notice how evenly it burns, how it smells, how it tastes, how it feels. The Aurochs Farms infusion method is more accurate, consistent and unlike the wet, sticky stuff that makes up most of the smokeable hemp market today. There is nothing like our delta 8 CBD pre-rolls for on the go. And in a pipe, our flower is oh so smooth.

We’d love to hear from you. Hemp smokers are a rare breed; they understand the special experience that the smoking of the hemp plant can provide and Aurochs Farms Delta 8 infused smokable hemp is sure to be your favorite!

If we include your comments on our website testimonials page, we’ll be sure to ‘send along’ our thanks to you for your efforts and to further your enjoyment of Aurochs Farms products.

If you would like to know more about Aurochs Farms, our THC-infused hemp and/or other products, please see our academy page and/or email us any questions, as we are always here to help. Aurochs Farms believes in the highest, finest quality we can produce and providing information to you is one of the ways we make sure that you know the difference between an Aurochs Farms delta 8 THC shop product and the others that are out there.

So, enjoy your Auorchs Farms smokeable delta 8 THC-infused hemp in flower or CBD pre-rolls, knowing that it is the finest you can find. From seed. To sale.

Are You In The KnΔW?

Yes, you are!


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