Easy-Switch Dual Temp Settings
Stainless Steel Housing With No-Button Design
Battery Capacity: 350mAh
Dimensions: Φ10.5 × 76.4H (mm)
Stainless Steel Housing
Standard 510 Thread
Inhale Activated
Built-In LED Indicator
USB-C Charging cord included



Are You In The KnΔW?

Vaping is a unique experience. And vapers have learned over time, especially during these post-prohibition years, what constitutes the best vaping experience and how to set about finding it, sharing it within the community and pushing things forward.

Aurochs Farms is like that, too. With everything we do. From working with farmers, to growing our own aeroponic hemp, to processing that hemp into delta 8 THC, packaging and shipping direct to you, Farmer Aurochs and his team also, set about to push things forward. Everyday.

These are not like those ones that proliferate every gas station, smoke shop and head shop. At Auorchs Farms, we roam the world (ok, it is kinda fun!), looking for the highest quality rechargeable vape pen battery to go with our Delta 8 THC vape carts because, well, nothing ruins the experience like a poor experience!

So like with everything else we do, whether you use our disposable vape pens with cart and battery combined or you prefer vape carts and a rechargeable vape pen battery, a wonderful Aurochs Farms vaping experience is sure to follow.

And, at Auorchs Farms, we oversee not only the search for the best rechargeable vape pen battery or cart/battery combo to go with our delta 8 THC oil, but we also control the processing, packaging and shipping direct to you. All Aurochs Farms. All the time. That should be your motto, too!

It feels like you are beginning to be more In the Know!

Because of the nature of our more advanced delta 8 THC processes, Aurochs Farms creates an oil with a thicker viscosity than most and thus needs a battery pack that is has both strength and the legs to consume all the oil in the cart. We wouldn’t want to waste any of that precious resource now, would we? It costs money, it’s frustrating and it’s confusing to you as the consumer, when your vape pen company doesn’t invest the time and resources into finding you the proper module from which your product can sit atop. It’s like having booster rocket engines strapped to the side of a space ship. You wouldn’t want anything but the best, would you?

Oh, someone is definitely In The Know now!

Aurochs Farms, under the same high-quality control standards used for all our Aurochs Farms products, takes only the highest quality cropped, dried hemp plants to process into Delta 8 THC; we process it ourselves, in our own facility. We do this so we may control the entire process and provide you with the best delta 8 THC experience you can find.

Thus, whether you order Farmer Aurochs delta 8 THC-infused hemp in flower form, in edibles form or in vape form, you are guaranteed a wonderful experience, knowing that we have been involved from seed to sale, so that what ends up in our packaging and at your doorstep, is the best that can be found anywhere in the marketplace.

We’d love to hear from you. Vapers are a passionate group; they understand what is required for the experience to go well and can easily recognize things that can ruin it. We want to be your go-to site for Pure Delta 8 THC products, so we are here for you.

Feel free to write to us about your vaping experiences with Auorchs Farms delta 8 THC products. If we include your comments on our website testimonials page, we’ll be sure to ‘send along’ our thanks to you for your efforts and to help you further your enjoyment of Aurochs Farms products.

If you would like to know more about Aurochs Farms or our products, please see our academy page and/or email us any questions, as we are always here to help. Aurochs Farms believes in the highest, finest quality we can produce and providing information to you is one of the ways we make sure that you know the difference between an Aurochs Farms delta 8 THC product and the others that are out there.

So, enjoy your Aurochs Farms vaping experience, knowing that it is the finest you can find. Afterall, we constantly scour the world looking to find and improve upon the hardware that delivers our vape oil, so that all you are left to do is smile and exhale, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Are You In The KnΔW?

Yes, you are! And Aurochs Farms is here to assist you. Please look around our store at the myriad of Delta 8 THC products.


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