Are You In The Know?

The second I heard the ‘D’ word, the flashbacks began. I know for most who went to college and entered the Greek system, had enjoyable and rewarding experiences. But not all. For many, mere mention of things from the Greek alphabet, like Delta, would send one with these tendencies, running for the exits.

And so, it might have been with a friend of mine. I’ll call him Todd (changed his name to protect the not-so-innocent). Todd was one of these people, the mere mention of Greek makes his skin crawl. He never really told us about his negative fraternity experience, but it was obvious there was one. Just mention frats, Greek or anything so associated, and he would clam up.

So, I knew my work was cut out for me that day when I went to Todd with a handful of Delta 8 products. Todd may have been the anti-frat guy post college, but there was also something he was that was maybe stronger, a genuine pothead. Morning, noon, and night, from the time he awoke to the time he lay his head down to sleep, he was consuming something cannabis; bud, edibles, candies, creams, tinctures, you name it. His house was like a glass art museum, replete with some of the finest looking smoking devices one could imagine.

So, while I knew Todd was going to look at me with ‘that’ look when I mentioned Delta 8 to him on that day, I also knew that couched the right way, I could better appeal to his cannabis side, more so than his college-era trauma could mount a defense against (you know, angel in the one ear, devil in the other thing).

And I was right!

After his initial whining, the mere thought of an equal result, especially when you drink/eat it (delta 8, like delta 9 and delta 10, all convert to delta 11 in the liver providing the exact same results) at a reduced price was more than Todd’s devil-side could muster an argument against. And then there was the thing that put him over the edge; the lighter, more manageable daytime buzz that made it more possible for Todd to function as a micro-doser. He was amazed at how he could dose-manage more efficiently than with weed.

And it is legal because of the Farm & Hemp Bill of 2018, so Delta 8 products can now be shipped to your home in most states in the U.S.

So now, Todd has learned to love the Greek, especially Delta 8 (ark ark) and he consumes more of that than cannabis nowadays at a greatly reduced price. And, he doesn’t have to deal with dispensaries and the ever-growing amount of cattle-treatment one gets there, get in get out, give us your money. Todd now avoids all of that and just replenishes his supply right from the comforts of his tablet.

And as for Aurochs Farms and being in the know, well that’s a whole other story for some other day. But Todd can now answer the question, Are You In The Know? And I bet he would encourage you to do the same!

Don’t be afraid. Be like Todd. It’ll be good for your head and cost you a lot less!

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